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Hello! I'm Dawn

Researcher, teacher and community collaborator. 

As a science educator and researcher I am very interested in creating educational experiences for youth who are often marginalized from science.  I enjoy collaborating with inner-city schools and community-based organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club to create meaningful science learning in the inner-city context.

Recently, I have been interested in supporting children in care in the school system through research, collaboration with a research team and school divisions and creating graduate level inter-professional courses that encourage social workers and teachers to learn about each other's roles in support children in care in their schools.


Dawn Sutherland, Ph.D.

Associate Dean-Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Professor, Faculty of Education





Rm. 500D, University Centre

Faculty of Graduate Studies

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB'R3T 2N2




Associate Dean-Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Professor, Faculty of Education 

University of Manitoba

I am currently the Associate Dean, Social Studies and Humanities in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  My role as Associate Dean includes supporting faculties in the development of graduate programming and creating excellence in the graduate student experience at the University of Manitoba.


University of Winnipeg

Associate Professor

CRC-Science Education in Cultural Contexts 2011-2016

CRC-Indigenous Science Education


I taught Early and Middle Years science methods courses for over 20 years.  I have always included a multitude of cultural perspectives in my science courses and encouraged teacher candidates to create culturally relevant science lessons for their students. In my role as a Canada Research Chair it was important that I mentored graduate and undergraduate students to explore culturally relevant science through design and technological problem solving.




Doctoral Degree

University of Nottingham

Dissertation:  The Influence of Culture, Language and Gender on the Perception of Science in Students of Cree Ancestry


University of Manitoba

Thesis:  Age-related Reproductive Success in the Yellow Warbler Dendrioca petachia

Master's Degree


Queen's University

Bachelor of Science





Early Years Science Methods

Middle Years Science Methods

Education for Sustainability

Supporting Children in Our Care-An Inter-professional Dialogue

Relational Methodologies

Senior Years Biology



Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg

For the past 11 years I have been involved in the training and support of the instructors in the CSI and Power Up program at the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg.  Each year I have provided workshops on design and technological problem solving and science inquiry.

CanU and Destination Imagination

I have been involved with Destination Imagination for the past 5 years.  I have facilitated multiple DI teams, first at École Laverendrye and then at École River Heights.  I am currently working with CanU to train facilitators in DI for this program.

Curriculum Developer

I have been on curriculum development teams for the senior years science courses in Manitoba. I have created several of the curriculum documents for the Government of Manitoba:  Grade 11 Biology, Topics in Science: Lake Winnipeg, Assessments for Grade 9-12 Career Development.

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